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Monday, April 13, 2020

My Morning Skincare Routine

A little sneak peek into my skincare routine. It might not quite be the skincare routine you expect as Im one lazy bug who loves  to just wash my face then finish off with a few products that solves all my skin problems and at the same time protect my skin from the harsh sun. Growing up with a sensitive, oily, blemish prone skin, skincare routine was one important daily routine of my life. A lot of the times people would say to me, oh you need to apply this or you're not taking good care of your skin; hence the reason you face looks like this.... and goes on and on.... Which made me feel insure through out my younger days.

My mother who has a lovely skin and barely apply any skincare products on her skin would always say that, we all are born with different skin types and talents, yet we all are beautiful in our own unique ways. Which at that time I found it hard to believe as I thought she was just trying to comfort me. As I grew older, I started to understand more about different types of skin each of us have. Some of us bless with beautiful radiant skin with barely a spot on it, some dry as the Sahara Dessert and some like me with sensitive, oily, blemish prone skin. Im no expert in skincare but I must say that eating a healthy diet with lots of fruits, green vegetable, sprouts, nuts and a goodnight sleep in combination with the products I put on my skin has made a big difference. 

When it comes to skincare my first priority is to eat healthy, minimal products, keeping the sheets, pillows and towels clean.
My daily skincare routine starts with
1. Chill cold water: I like splashing my face with chill cold water in the morning as it helps to tighten my pores and make me feel refresh. I normally don't use face wash in the morning.

2. Toner: I love to wear my Caudalie Vinopure Clear skin purifying toner as it has salicylic acid that keeps my blemishes under control, tightens my pores, it also has amazing age-defying properties and smells heavenly.

3. Serum: To prevent my skin from losing moisture and stay hydrated I love to feed them well too. I love The Ordinary Buffet
 and the Innisfree Green Tea Serum. They both are so lite that in sink into the skin and keeps the skin hydrated through out the day.

4. Moisturizer: I swear by Embryolisse Liat-Creme Concentre as it moisturize's my skin, acts as a primer, hydrates and plump the skin at the same time. Its super affordable. 5. Sunscreen: Whether i'm going out or staying at home I always love to wear my sunscreen. I love the Bioderma: Photoderm Max Aquafluide SPF 50+ and the IT Your skin but better Oil-free matte CC cream with SPF 40+.

6. Mask: Every once in a week I like to treat my skin with Omorvicza Silver skin Saviour. I absolutely love the amazing smell and my skin feels reborn. It one product that I splurge on and never regreted as its made my skin come back to life. 

7. Eye Cream: I use a small amount of Lanolips Everywhere Multi cream before I go to sleep and Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado which hydrates the skin around the eye. It instantly feels relaxing right after you put it on.  You necessarily don't have to get all the above products. Try and find the products that doesn't break your bank but resolves all your skin problems.

Happiness is all you need to get better skin. As our skin response to stress quicker than we think. When we are stress our skin releases cortisol which flares up existing skin problems and don't ever forget to eat healthy.

P.S. You are Beautifully Unique. Beauty is in Imperfection.


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