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The products feature here on The Pink Fawn are either self bought, gifted or products samples I received. I only post and share my opinions on the products that I absolutely love, and has worked for me. I will never recommend a product I personally dislike to wear or use them myself.
Some of the skincare products I absolutely love and recommend may or may not work for you as everyone's skin is different. As for skincare products please read each product ingredients carefully on the merchants website.

I do use ShopStyle widgets to enhance the blog view; that means this sites use cookies. So, if you purchase anything through the links I might receive a small commission, which is at no additional cost to you. As the links directs you to the product websites, I urged you to read each and every sites individual privacy policy as I am not responsible for other websites cookies and their privacy policies.

Images used on the page are my own and copyrighted. Please do not use it for advertisement, be it professional or personal, incase you wish to share on social media direct the link back to this page/website.

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